CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City—The Armed Forces of the Philippines will turnover today, November 23, a total of P5.9-million reward money for the neutralization of two Abu Sayyaf members involved in kidnap for ransom activities. 

According to the AFP Public Affairs Office Chief Col Edgard A Arevalo, two informants will split the cash reward for providing actionable intelligence information that led to the arrest of ASG member Suhud Yakan, a.k.a. Ben Yasser and the death of sub-leader Sihatra Muallam Asmad, a.k.a. Latip.

Asmad was involved in the kidnapping of foreign guests and workers of Sipadan Beach Resort in Sabah, Malaysia in April 2000 and members of the Jehova’s Witnesses in Patikul, Sulu in August 2000.

Wanted for six counts of Kidnapping and Illegal Detention, Asmad was killed in a joint law enforcement operation on May 23, 2014. He had a bounty of P5.3-million.

Meanwhile, Yakan was wanted for kidnapping and serious illegal detention for his involvement in the kidnapping of 15 and killing of two residents of Golden Harvest Plantation on June 11, 2001 in Brgy Tairan Lantawan, Basilan.

Yakan was arrested by elements of the Philippine Army and Philippine National Police on May 23, 2014. He carries a reward of P600,000.

The reward system was established on June 12, 2001 to encourage civilians to provide vital information needed to neutralize personalities in the rewards list and thwart threats to peace and security.

The system is managed through the AFP-PNP Joint Reward Valuation Committee which is chaired by the AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and the PNP Director for Intelligence.

“The information provided by the informants was vital in the identification and eventual arrest and neutralization of wanted personalities who have committed crimes against the people and our peace and security,” AFP Chief of Staff General Ricardo R Visaya said.

“Beyond the reward money that they will receive, we hope that this endeavor will compel other people to step up in the fight against terrorism. Security, after all, is a shared responsibility and we must do our part in ensuring that our communities are safe,” General Visaya added.