Brgy Dao, Oras – Two regular members of Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs), 18 Milisyang Bayan (MB) of Underground Mass Organization of Brgy Pandol, Can-avid, Eastern Samar surrendered to the 14th Infantry (AVENGER) Battalion, Philippine Army last December 02, 2018.

Honorable Gil Norman P Germino, Municipal Mayor, Can-avid, Eastern Samar together with Florita B Macoro, MLGOO,Mrs Verina P Amoyo, MSWDO and Brgy Officials of Brgy Pandol were present to witness the mass surrender.

Lieutenant Colonel JIMMY V JIMENEZ INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer, 14th Infantry Battalion, said that the surrender is a result of the unit’s effective Community Support Program (CSP) operation, aggressive civil military operations and intelligence operations coupled with other Lines of Operations and Efforts to further pressure the CNTs and their supporters in Eastern Samar. This development will surely destroy if not, cut-off the support system of the CNTs and their mass base in the far-flung and isolated villages of the province.

Mayor Germino stated, “For the past years, the CNTs frequently roam around the barangays of Pandol, Boco and Balagon conducting organizing and extortion activities as reported by the barangay officials. The surrender will further improve the peace and order situation in the municipality of Can-avid”.

“Barangay Pandol form part of the Guerilla Base of Front 3, Sub-Regional Committee (SRC), “ARCTIC”, Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee (EVRPC) unit of the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) operating in the area of Can-avid and its nearby municipalities in Eastern Samar. The barangay is categorized as influenced and a stronghold of the NPAs since early 90’s. The clearing of the influenced barangays in our area of operation has been the priority of the 14IB in its operational campaign to degrade and further defeat our confronted threat” Lt. Col. JIMENEZ added.

After a series of negotiation and dialogue conducted by CSP elements of Bravo Company of 14IB led by 1LT DENNIS S CARIG (INF) PA immersed in the said barangay to educate and deepen the awareness of the community, the CNTs and its organization within the barangay were convinced to end their support to the armed struggle and surrender.


Rogelio O Cebrero, AKA “PATER”, Chairman of the Underground Mass Organization of Brgy Pandol, said, “We were hopeless and frustrated over unfulfilled promises of the CNTs that organized us. Now, we understand how the CNTs deceived and exploited our community. Our resources and even food for our family were handed to them as support to the armed struggle but we gain nothing. We also take this opportunity to clear our names and join the folds of law to live a normal and productive life with our love ones”.


The community in Brgy Pandol conducted peace rally to expressed their stand against the CNTs, condemned the abuses and deceitful activity of the CNTs and call-out to stop using their Barangay as lair of insurgents as they pursue just and lasting peace for the future of their children.


Lastly, Lt. Col JIMENEZ added, “What we collectively achieved today is only the beginning, the 14thInfantry (AVENGER) Battalion will be needing the support of the people as we continue to perform our mission to end insurgency in the province of Eastern Samar. Rest assured that the Battalion will be unyielding and even more motivated to serve the people to ensure peace and development in our area of operation”.