CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – A total of 51 encampments of Communist-NPA Terrorists (CNT) were seized and cleared by government troops as part of the
continuous focused military operations nationwide from 01 January to 15 March 2018.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has recorded 38 encampments seized and cleared in Eastern Mindanao, two in Western Mindanao, seven in Visayas, and

four in Luzon.

With the discovery and subsequent seizure and clearing of these encampments and hiding places, civilians in the area are now safer against extortion and scare tactic of
the NPA.

Many NPA and their supporters are seeing the unrelenting success of the campaign thus many are going back to mainstream society. Troops are also able to find relevant information about the CNTs with the cooperation of locals who are being abused by the NPA.

Troops are continuously hunting down the CNTs who have abandoned their encampments to move to other locations and extort resources from innocent and
defenseless civilians especially farmers.

Some of the notable discoveries include the March 12 operation of the 60th Infantry Battalion that seized a CPP-NPA encampment in the hinterland of Laak-San Isidro
complex in Compostela Valley. The said encampment can accommodate around 30 CNTs.

The 4th Scout Ranger Battalion seized and cleared an NPA encampment in Boston, Davao Oriental on March 2. The said encampment can accommodate more or less
20 persons.

To protect civilians, soldiers conducting the clearing operations search for and dismantle IEDs and other booby traps left behind by fleeing NPAs in their
encampments and roads leading to them.

More NPA encampments are expected to be seized and cleared in the coming days as focused military operations continue. The AFP urges the remaining NPAs still in different encampments to lay down their arms and go back to their families.

Many former rebels are now working together with the government for peace and development programs. Financial help, livelihood and other assistance are being given to former rebels by the national government, local government units and stakeholders so that they may become productive members of the society.