The Armed Forces of the Philippines warmly welcomes the appointment of Lieutenant General Gilbert I Gapay, the incumbent Commanding General of the Philippine Army, as the 54th Chief-of-Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines vice General Felimon Santos, Jr. who shall bow out of the service on 03 August 2020.

General Gapay started strong in his career in the profession of arms.  Graduating on top of his class as the Valedictorian of the Philippine Military Academy “Sinagtala” Class of 1986, he rose steadily to the helm owing to his competencies on all domains of operations particularly Operations, Intelligence, Civil Military Operations, Education and Training and just as important, resource management.

His command and leadership philosophies give premium to the welfare of the men and the Filipino people’s support to the AFP ‘s mission accomplishment.

His attributes of integrity and competence; his vast experience, gained expertise, management acumen, and his genuine interest of people are his assets in leading the AFP at the height of the pandemic and the peak of counter-terrorism operations.