The Armed Forces of the Philippines wishes every Filipino a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Let me also extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to all our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Civilian Human Resources for ably performing their tasks despite the difficulties that we have faced this past year.

We were confronted with great challenges this year due to the global health crisis but the AFP takes pride in all of its members for the tremendous fulfillment of our mandates across all mission areas as well as in non-traditional operations.

Through our collective efforts in the military organization as well as with other government agencies and stakeholders, we were able to gain significant milestones in further securing the best interest of the Filipino people.

While the past year has brought many obstacles, it was however marked by the distinguished service, dedication, and perseverance of our uniformed personnel as we fulfill our sworn duties to our country. In spite of all the hardships that tested our strength and resolve, we as Filipinos endured and emerged as one stronger nation.

As the New Year approaches, we will continue to further enhance our capabilities and capacitate our personnel in order to better perform our enduring mission of protecting the people and securing the state. We will strive to become a fully capable, responsive and highly professional armed forces that is a source of national pride of every Filipino.